Reading and Writing

, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 229–264

Evaluation of a rime-based reading program with Shuswap and Heiltsuk First Nations prereaders

  • Partrick D. Walton
  • Michael E. Bowden
  • Shelly L. Kurtz
  • Mary Angus

DOI: 10.1023/A:1011125315377

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Walton, P.D., Bowden, M.E., Kurtz, S.L. et al. Reading and Writing (2001) 14: 229. doi:10.1023/A:1011125315377


The utility of teaching reading using rime-based readingstrategies with prereaders was examined. Two experiments are presentedthat studied the effects of a rime-based reading program with FirstNations prereaders; one experiment with Shuswap kindergartners andthe other with Heiltsuk Grade 1 children. Rhyming, phoneme identity,letter-sound knowledge, phonological working memory, First Nationslanguage speaking ability, and reading were measured. In the Shuswapgroup, the reading program increased the abilities that werespecifically taught, rhyming, initial phoneme identity, letter-sounds,and word reading by rime-analogy, compared to the control group.Children also developed abilities that were not specifically taught,final phoneme identity and reading by letter recoding, and could use therime-analogy strategy to read words with unfamiliar rime endings.Phonological working memory remained unchanged. The Heiltsuk childrengained in reading compared to a Grade 1 comparison group. Pretestletter-sound knowledge and rhyming were related to later reading butphoneme identity and First Nations language ability were not. Progressin phonological awareness and word reading can be enhanced in prereadersby adding experience with rime-based strategies to the readingprogram.

Aboriginal Letter Phoneme Reading Rhyming Rime-analogy 

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  • Partrick D. Walton
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  • Michael E. Bowden
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  • Shelly L. Kurtz
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  • Mary Angus
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  2. 2.VanderhoofCanada
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