, Volume 17, Issue 10, pp 713-716

Purification and characterization of a 200[emsp4 ]kDa fructosyllysine-specific binding protein from cell membranes of U937 cells

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Amadori-modified proteins are bound by macrophages and monocytes via fructosyllysine-specific receptors. Detergent extracts from U937 cell membranes were used to purify the binding proteins by affinity purification on glycated polylysine coated magnetic beads followed by SDS-PAGE. Two proteins of 200 and 100[emsp4 ]kDa were isolated. MS-analysis of the 200[emsp4 ]kDa protein showed high homologies with cellular myosin heavy chain, type A. Both fructosyllysine specific binding proteins, cellular myosin heavy chain and nucleolin, are glycosylated.