, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp 163-183

First online:

Patent citation analysis in a novel field of technology:An exploration of nano-science and nano-technology

  • Martin S. MeyerAffiliated withInstitute of Strategy and International Business, Helsinki University of TechnologySPRU Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex

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This paper explores the interrelationships between science and technology in the emergingarea of nano-science and technology. We track patent citation relations at the sectoraldisciplinary,the organizational, and the combined industrial/organizational levels. Then weinvestigate the geographic location and organizational affiliation of inventor/authors. Our mainfinding is that there are only a small number of citations connecting nano-patents with nanosciencepapers, while nano-science and technology appear to be relatively well connected incomparison with other fields. Further explorations suggest that nano-science and technology arestill mostly separated spheres, even though there are overlaps, as an analysis of title words shows.Another observation is that university-assigned patents seem to cite papers more frequently thanother patents.