, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 103-109

Manganese peroxidase gene of the perennial mushroom Elfvingia applanata : cloning and evaluation of its relationship with lignin degradation

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A gene encoding a manganese-dependent peroxidase (MnP) of the oriental mushroom Elfvingia applanata has been cloned into λgt10 and characterized. This gene, Ea.mnp1, consists of a 1, 095 bp open reading frame coding for 364 amino acid residues. Northern blot analysis revealed that transcription of the Ea.mnp1 gene was elevated by an increase in Mn2+ to 200 mM or 0.1 g 2, 5-xylidine l−1. The Ea.mnp1 mRNA transcript levels changed in parallel with the observed changes in activity of MnP in E. applanata.