Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 43, Issue 10, pp 798-804

Diffraction of Super-Gaussian Beams as Described by the Complex Geometrical Optics

  • R. A. EgorchenkovAffiliated withSpace Research Institute
  • , Yu. A. KravtsovAffiliated withSpace Research InstituteSpace Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences

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We apply the method of complex geometrical optics to the description of super-Gaussian beams, i.e., the beams having wave-field amplitude profiles of the form exp[-x4/(4a4)]. It is shown that the complex geometrical optics describes satisfactorily the beam field off the main lobe of its angular pattern while it cannot be used on the beam axis. We propose two ways to eliminate this drawback: spline matching of the side and axial fields and approximation of a super-Gaussian beam by a sum of a few (in this paper, three) Gaussian beams.