, Volume 79, Issue 1, pp 7-16

Ascobotryozyma americana gen. nov. et sp. nov. and its anamorph Botryozyma americana, an unusual yeast from the surface of nematodes

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A new teleomorphic genus Ascobotryozyma, with a single species, A. americana, is proposed. Its anamorph is a Botryozyma that differs from the type species, B. nematodophila, on distributional, physiological, and molecular criteria; it is described as Botryozyma americana, anam. sp. nov. Ascobotryozyma is characterized by globose asci bearing four lunate ascospores. Fusion of thallus cells precedes ascus formation. Ascobotryozyma americana was isolated from the surface of nematodes (Panagrellus dubius) associated with galleries of the poplar borer (Saperda calcarata) in trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) in eastern Washington, USA. The teleomorph has not been produced in pure culture.