Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

, Volume 78, Issue 3, pp 399-405

First online:

Rare genera of actinomycetes as potential producers of new antibiotics

  • Ameriga LazzariniAffiliated withBiosearch Italia S.p.A
  • , Linda CavalettiAffiliated withBiosearch Italia S.p.A
  • , Giorgio ToppoAffiliated withBiosearch Italia S.p.A
  • , Flavia MarinelliAffiliated withBiosearch Italia S.p.A

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A literature survey covering more than twenty-three thousand bioactive microbial products including eight thousand antiinfectives demonstrated the increasing relevance of the so called 'rare' actinomycetes as a source of new antibiotics. Past and present efforts in the isolation of rare actinomycetes have enriched the Biosearch Italia Strain Collection with more than twenty thousand strains, showing that, when selective isolation methods are developed and extensively applied, some genera, such as Actinomadura, Actinoplanes, Micromonospora, Microtetraspora, are not rare at all and can be recovered from many soil samples. The current focus is on the isolation of members of Streptosporangiaceae family, given their promising chemical diversity.

actinomycetes antibiotics microbial product database strain isolation Streptosporangiaceae