, Volume 30, Issue 4, pp 369-377

Sexual Dysfunction: A Neglected Complication of Panic Disorder and Social Phobia

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Little is known about sexual dysfunctions comorbid with anxiety disorder. The aim of this study is to evaluate retrospectively the sexual function of social phobic patients in comparison with a panic disorder sample. Using a semistructured interview (SCID-I), 30 patients with social phobia and 28 patients with panic disorder were examined. The DSM-IV criteria were employed to diagnose sexual dysfunctions in this sample; however, the “C” criterion, which states that “the sexual dysfunction cannot be related to other Axis I disorders,” was excluded. Panic disorder patients reported a significantly greater proportion of sexual disorders compared with social phobics: 75% (21/28) vs. 33.3% (10/30) (p = .0034). Sexual aversion disorder was the most common sexual dysfunction in both male (35.7%; 5/14) and female (50%; 7/14) panic disorder patients, and premature ejaculation was the most common sexual dysfunction in male social phobic patients: 47.4% (9/19). These results suggest that sexual dysfunctions are frequent and neglected complications of social phobia and panic disorder.