, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 247-258

Historical seismicity and deformation rates in the Indian Peninsular Shield

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Seismic strain rates for the entire Indian Peninsular Shield are estimatedfrom the available historical and recently observed seismicity data fromthe last 199 years (1800–1998). Typical strain rates ranging from10-13 to 10-8 per year have been calculated for differentregions of Peninsular India by using Anderson's (1979) method andanalysis. A correlation between the seismically deforming zones and highheat flow areas has been observed. The deformation zones are divided intotwo classes, with low and high deformation zones of Cratons and Mobilebelts with further sub-divisions. Seismo-tectonics of the SouthernPeninsular India is also discussed in the light of recent occurrence ofthe disastrous earthquakes of Killari (September 29, 1993) and Jabalpur(May 21, 1997).