Foundations of Science

, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 235-258

First online:

World Views. Elements of the Apostelian and General Approach

  • Jan t BroekaerAffiliated withCLEA, Free University of Brussels, Pleinlaan 2

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In the work of the late Belgian philosopher, logician and freethinker Leo Apostel (1924–1995) the concept of ‘world view’ is extensively developed. From the diverse research of Apostel, I gather and examine the constituents of a world view and their relationships. I propose to understand it as a pluralist and open, rationalised ontology of the ‘world whole’, comprising knowledge systems, valuative ethical systems and concomitant action guiding systems, to a large extent reflecting insight in the exact sciences. The prolific and scattered opus of Apostel renders my account of encompassing world views approximate and incomplete. It merely outlines the intrinsically unfinished project and presents a recent development. This development mainly involves our approach to the phenomenon of emergence from a quantum theoretical perspective.

world views emergence contextuality