, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 209-225

Parasuicide: The value of suicidal intent and various motives as predictors of future suicidal behaviour

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The main aim of the study was to examine whether various aspects of suicidal intent or various motives for an index parasuicide can predict nonfatal or fatal repetition of suicidal behaviour. 776 parasuicide patients from 5 Nordic regions participating in the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Parasuicide were followed for one year. The Suicide Intent Scale (SIS) and the Motives for Parasuicide Questionnaire (MPQ) were used as predictor variables. A low level of suicidal intent predicted nonfatal repetition. The motive ''make things easier for someone'' differentiated female repeaters from male repeaters. The report of an unclear motive was the only significant predictor of fatal repetition. Suicidal intent and various motives for a parasuicide have some value in predicting repetition of suicidal behaviour, but should, perhaps, in future studies be combined with other variables in order to increase the predictive value.