Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 5-41

Synthesis of Smectites and Porous Pillared Clay Catalysts: A Review

  • J.T. KloproggeAffiliated withCentre for Instrumental and Developmental Chemistry, Queensland University of Technology

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This paper reviews the synthesis of smectites and porous pillared clay catalysts. Synthetic as well as natural smectites serve as precursors for the synthesis of Al, Zr, Ti, Fe, Cr, Ga, V, Si, and other pillared clays as well as mixed Fe/Al, Ga/Al, Si/Al, Zr/Al and other mixed metal/Al pillared clays. The use of these pillared clays in some catalytic reactions is also briefly reviewed.

pillared clays smectites porous materials catalysis