Conductive and transparent ZnO:Al thin films obtained by chemical spray

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Electrical, structural, morphological and optical characteristics of ZnO:Al thin films obtained by chemical spray are presented in this paper. The dependence of the resistivity on the substrate temperature and the film thickness is reported. For the optimized conditions with no post-annealing the lowest resistivity values obtained for ZnO:Al thin films were \(1.4 \times 10^{ - 2} \Omega {\text{cm}}\) for films with thicknesses of 1500 and 600 nm, respectively. Preferential growth in the (0 0 2) direction was observed in all cases. The surface morphology was analyzed by using atomic force and scanning electron microscopy (AFM and SEM) techniques. High transmittance, 85%, was obtained in all cases. The band gap was of the order of 3.35 eV.