Studies on the production of extracellular protease by Alcaligenes faecalis

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Alcaligenes faecalis produced extracellular protease when incubated in media containing protein substrates. Enzyme production was found to be influenced by various culture conditions. Enzyme production was growth-associated, expressed linearity with growth and reached a maximum at the end of the growth phase. Carbohydrates and inorganic nitrogen sources could not be utilized by the bacterium for its growth, and organic nitrogen appeared to be a primary determinant in protease production. Enzyme production reached its maximum level of 171.2 U/ml when the culture was incubated at 30 °C at pH 8.0. Ca2+ and Mg2+ enhanced the enzyme production. The crude enzyme powder was stable at high alkaline pH and stable upto 6 months at the storage temperature of 0–4 °C.

This revised version was published online in July 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.