Ligninolytic activity of tropical rainforest basidiomycetes

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A total of 116 strains of Brazilian tropical rainforest basidiomycetes were evaluated in terms of their ability to oxidize the dye rhemazol brilliant blue R (RBBR) and guaiacol. Laccase and peroxidase activities were detected by the drop test using solutions of α-naphthol and pyrogallol, respectively. RBBR and guaiacol oxidation occurred in 96.6 and 87.1% of the strains tested, respectively. One hundred strains oxidized both substrates. In the drop test, most strains presented laccase (96.6%) and peroxidase (92.2%) activity. The quick screening method used here can be useful to identify ligninolytic fungal strains to be used in various biotechnological applications.

This revised version was published online in November 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.