Growth, optical transmission and X-ray photoemission studies of BaB2O4 single crystals

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Beta barium borate (β-BBO) crystals have been grown by the top seeded solution growth technique (TSSG) using Na2O as a flux. The crystals exhibited high transparency and the absence of inclusions and found to have sodium contamination in the range 150 to 230 p.p.m. The effect of this contamination on some crystal properties of interest has been investigated. The presence of impurities causes optical absorption below 550 nm in BBO crystals of both α and β-phases. X-ray photo emission spectroscopy (XPS) measurements performed on these crystals show that sodium gives rise to a measurable shift in the binding energies of the constituent ions. Further, the results show that Na+ ions enter into the lattice substitutionally and provide charge trapping sites close to the band edge.