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, Volume 9, Supplement 1, pp 739–745

The McCoy Female Sexuality Questionnaire

  • Norma L. McCoy

DOI: 10.1023/A:1008925906947

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McCoy, N.L. Qual Life Res (2000) 9: 739. doi:10.1023/A:1008925906947


The McCoy Female Sexuality Questionnaire (MFSQ) was developed from the questionnaire used in a longitudinal study of the menopausal transition and designed to measure aspects of female sexuality likely to be affected by changing sex hormone levels. The original questionnaire was revised to insure that questions were easy to understand and that labels for the Likert scales described a continuum. The revised MFSQ contains 19 questions, 18 items using 7-point Likert scales with labels at the center and endpoints and one item requesting a frequency of activity. Seven studies involving both clinical and convenience samples and two with double blind randomized controlled trials used 7, 9, 10 or 17 MFSQ items and demonstrated acceptable reliability, internal consistency, apparent face and content validity as well as considerable evidence of construct validity. Results showed selected MFSQ item ratings decreased as women progressed through the menopausal transition, varied positively with endogenous estradiol and androgen levels, were higher in postmenopausal women receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and differentiated between different types of oral contraceptives and the presence or absence of ovaries. Convergent validity was demonstrated for change in 9-item MFSQ score with change in psychological general well-being (PGWB) score and the Women's Health Questionnaire (WHQ) sex life subscale.

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