, Volume 103, Issue 1, pp 85-90

Head infection and accumulation of Fusarium toxins in kernels of 12 barley genotypes inoculated with Fusarium graminearum isolates of two chemotypes

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Twelve barley genotypes were inoculated with two F. graminearum isolates of different chemotype I1 #148 (producing nivalenol/deoxynivalenol) and I2 #108 (deoxynivalenol/acetyldeoxynivalenol). For both I1 and I2 isolates, respectively, reductions (%) in number of kernels head-1 10.6 and 14.3; yield 39.6 and 35.7; weight of 1000 kernels 36.9 and 23.2 were observed in inoculated plants from control values. Chemical analysis revealed the presence (average concentration mg kg-1) of deoxynivalenol (1.3) and nivalenol (3.2) in kernels of all genotypes inoculated with the I1 isolate, and zearalenone (0.2) in three samples. After inoculation with the I2 isolate, deoxynivalenol (37.8) and zearalenone (0.4) were found in kernels of all genotypes, while 3-acetyldeoxynivalenol and 15-acetyldeoxynivalenol, respectively, were determined in five and four samples only. No significant correlation between examined characteristics was found for either the I1 or I2 isolate. The results obtained contribute information on the accumulation of toxins in cereal grain inoculated with F. graminearum isolates of different chemotypes.