, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp 399-406

Distribution and phylogeny of Potamophila parviflora R.Br. a wild relative of rice from eastern Australia

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Potamophila parviflora is a wild relative of rice from Eastern Australia. The species was found in the Richmond, Clarence, Macleay and Hastings River systems of northern New South Wales. Existing populations had wider leaves (10–15 mM) than those previously reported (4–6 mM). This species and North American wild rice, Zizania palustris were investigated as genetic resource for rice improvement. Both species, Potamophila , and Zizania , occur in colder climates than rice (Oryza sativa). Sequencing of the ITS1 of the ribosomal genes of these two species indicated that Zizania and Potamophila were more closely related to each other than either was to Oryza sativa. Potamophila has a similar number of chromosomes (n=12) and a greater sequence homology to rice and may thus be a better source of useful genes for rice improvement.