International Journal of Computer Vision

, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 227-246

First online:

Image Registration for Digital Subtraction Angiography

  • Erik H.W. MeijeringAffiliated withImage Sciences Institute, University Hospital Utrecht
  • , Karel J. ZuiderveldAffiliated withImage Sciences Institute, University Hospital Utrecht
  • , Max A. ViergeverAffiliated withImage Sciences Institute, University Hospital Utrecht

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In clinical practice, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) is a powerful technique for the visualization of blood vessels in the human body. The diagnostic relevance of the images is often reduced by artifacts which arise from the misalignment of successive images in the sequence, due to patient motion. In order to improve the quality of the subtraction images, several registration techniques have been proposed. However, because of the required computation times, it has never led to algorithms that are fast enough so as to be acceptable for integration in clinical applications. In this paper, a new approach to the registration of digital angiographic images is proposed. It involves an edge-based selection of control points for which the displacement is computed by means of template matching, and from which the complete displacement vector field is constructed by means of interpolation. The final warping of the images according to the calculated displacement vector field is performed real-time by graphics hardware. Experimental results with several clinical data sets show that the proposed algorithm is both effective and very fast.

digital subtraction angiography motion correction registration matching warping