, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp 383-388

Factors Involved in Diagnostic Delay of Testicular Cancer

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In testicular cancer, which is one of the highly curable cancers, the beneficial effect of early diagnosis on survival has been well accepted for years. This study was planned to determine the probable factors involved in diagnostic delay of testicular cancer.

A total of 140 patients with testicular cancer were included in this study. We attempted to find a relationship between the mode of presentation, stage of the tumour, patients' socioeconomic status and the delay in diagnosis.

Majority of patients presented with scrotal pain (49.3%). No significant correlation was found between the mode of presentation and stage of the disease (p>0.05). The median time of delay in diagnosis was 5.4 months. The stage at presentation was not influenced by the delay in diagnosis. Similarly the annual income and the educational level of the patients had no significant impact on the delay in diagnosis.

No effect of delay in diagnosis on the stage at presentation could be demonstrated in our study. Our results indicate that in this country people are not thoroughly educated about the importance of routine self-examination of the testes. It must also be emphasized that painful testicular masses need to be evaluated carefully to rule out malignancy.