, Volume 30, Issue 11-12, pp 1021-1031

Millimetre-wave fibre–wireless transmission systems with reduced effects of fibre chromatic dispersion

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This paper describes two techniques for the implementation of millimetre-wave (mm-wave) wireless communication systems incorporating optical fibre distribution networks. Fibre chromatic dispersion can exhibit severe effects on the transportation of mm-wave frequencies over fibre, resulting in greatly reduced post-detection rf powers. Each mm-wave fibre–wireless system demonstrated here incorporates a method for the generation and modulation of an optical mm-wave carrier, which enables the effect of fibre dispersion to be significantly reduced. One set-up is a direct-detection scheme where optical single-sideband (SSB) with carrier modulation is used to overcome fibre dispersion effects. The other system employs a self-heterodyne arrangement in which a dual-frequency optical source generates a low phase-noise mm-wave beat signal. Data transmission is achieved by externally modulating the dual-mode signal and reduced effects of fibre dispersion are observed.