, Volume 31, Issue 11, pp 1093-1128

Dielectric superlattices for nonlinear optical effects

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Dielectric superlattices show a lot of new phenomena that are promising in applications, such as nonlinear optical frequency conversion and optical bistability. This paper reviews the main achievements in this field. Much has been focused on the work done in our Lab. Since 1980, we have extended the concept of superlattice from semiconductor to dielectrics. When quasi-phase-matching technique is introduced into a quasiperiodic dielectric superlattice, more interesting phenomena can occur. For example, multiwavelength second-harmonic generation and coupled parametric processes such as direct third-harmonic generation have been realized with high efficiency. A new mechanism for optical bistability in a 2-dimensional dielectric superlattice, i.e. a 2-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal, has been proposed theoretically had proved experimentally.