, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 587-596

Nerve Growth Factor Inducer, 4-Methyl Catechol, Potentiates Central Sensitization Associated with Acceleration of Spinal Glutamate Release After Mustard Oil Paw Injection in Rats

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1.In rats, injection of mustard oil (MO) into the paw caused a gradual increase in flinching of the injected paw and this algogenic behavior corresponded with an increase in the CSF-Glu level.

2.The nerve growth factor (NGF) inducer, 4-methyl catechol (4MC), enhanced the frequency of flinching and this effect was dose dependent. In addition, spinal CSF-Glu release was significantly above baseline 10 min after MO injection. In contrast, morphine (MOR) pretreatment completely blocked this behavioral and neurohumoral effect.

3.Anti-NGF paw injection attenuated the algogenic behavior and spinal Glu release otherwise observed after 4MC treatment.

4.The results demonstrated that MO-induced hyperalgesia is associated with increased CSF-Glu release and that this effect is potentiated by a NGF inducer. These data also suggest a possible involvement of NGF in the development of central sensitization after acute peripheral nociceptive stimulation.