, Volume 173, Issue 1-2, pp 189-192

Rna-mediated regulation of Receptor-Ck gene in human platelets

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The study addressed to understand the regulation of Receptor-‘Ck’ gene atthe translational level revealed that exogenous cholesterol has the inherentcapacity to regulate the endogenous synthesis of Receptor-‘Ck’ by initiatingintracellular targeting of the Receptor-‘Ck’ to the mRNP pool within humanplatelets and this effect could be reversed when the platelets wereincubated with cholesterol coupled with either dB cAMP or dB cGMP. Basedupon these observations, we propose that Receptor-‘Ck’ initiated signalling,which involves second messengers like PA, cAMP and cGMP, may be responsiblefor the autoregulation of Receptor-‘Ck’ gene expression at the translationallevel.