, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp 195-206

Methane turnover in exposed sediments of an Amazon floodplain lake

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In the Amazon floodplain large areas of unvegetatedlake sediments are exposed to air during low water. Imeasured methane fluxes from exposed sediments of anAmazonian floodplain lake and assessed the regulatingfactors. Methane emission decreased from values between 10 and 40 μmol CH4 mminus 2 hminus 1to zero when the sediments were exposed to air. Meanfluxes were about 3.7 μmol CH4mminus 2 hminus 1. Fluxes were low compared tomeasurements taken from flooded habitats makingexposed lake sediments a negligible source ofatmospheric CH4. This was mainly due to the lackof ebullition which governs methane flux in theflooded phase. Methane oxidation at the sedimentsurface consumed up to 75% of the methane enteringthe oxidised zone. Compared with CO2 emissionmethane turnover was of minor importance for thecarbon budget of the sediments.