, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp 69-75

Development of a knowledge scale about breast cancer and heredity (BCHK)

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An 11‐item questionnaire, the Breast Cancer and Heredity Knowledge Scale (BCHK), was developed to test general knowledge about breast cancer and hereditary breast cancer (HBC) among women at low to moderate risk of HBC. The BCHK measures knowledge about breast cancer incidence and prognosis, risk factors, screening, disease presentation and treatment, and HBC. Scale items were generated from focus group interviews, previously published breast cancer knowledge scales, and consulation with a multidisciplinary research team, including health professionals and women with breast cancer or a family history of breast cancer. A 27‐item draft scale was tested on 36 breast clinic patients and 17 women from the general public. Results were used to develop the final 11‐item scale. Development of the scale and its potential uses are discussed.