, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 11-18

Expression of annexin II in glioma cell lines and in brain tumor biopsies

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Annexin II is a calcium and phospholipid binding protein and a substrate for protein-tyrosine kinases. Increased levels of annexin II are observed in various cancer cells and tissues, and the molecule has been proposed as a marker of malignancy in vivo. Annexin II was expressed in four glioma cell lines (D-54MG, D-37MG, U251MG and GaMG), as determined by Western blot analyses, immunofluorescence staining and flow cytometric measurements. In addition, annexin II expression was also found in cryostat sections obtained from 15 consecutive brain tumor biopsies: Ten were histologically classified as glioblastomas, one as an astrocytoma, two as meningiomas and two as brain metastases. Cultured spheroids from the glioma cell lines and from three of the glioblastoma biopsies showed lower levels of annexin II, than found in the monolayers of the cell lines and in the freshly cut biopsies. The annexin II expression of the cell lines were not found to be related to their proliferative, migratory or invasive properties. These findings indicate that although annexin II may serve as a marker of malignancy in vivo, its expression can be reduced in vitro, and appear unrelated to malignant features of glioma cell lines.