, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 23-51

Methane production and methane consumption: a review of processes underlying wetland methane fluxes

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Potential rates of both methane production and methane consumptionvary over three orders of magnitude and their distribution is skew.These rates are weakly correlated with ecosystem type, incubationtemperature, in situ aeration, latitude, depth and distanceto oxic/anoxic interface. Anaerobic carbon mineralisation is amajor control of methane production. The large range in anaerobicCH4:CO2 production rates indicate that a largepart of the anaerobically mineralised carbon is used for reduction ofelectron acceptors, and, hence, is not available for methanogenesis.Consequently, cycling of electron acceptors needs to be studied tounderstand methane production. Methane and oxygen half saturationconstants for methane oxidation vary about one order of magnitude.Potential methane oxidation seems to be correlated withmethanotrophic biomass. Therefore, variation in potential methaneoxidation could be related to site characteristics with a model ofmethanotrophic biomass.