, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 1-34

Re-examination of the trypanorhynch cestode collections of A.E. Shipley, J. Hornell and T. Southwell, with the erection of a new genus, Trygonicola, and redescriptions of seven species

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Cestodes named by A.E. Shipley, J. Hornell and T. Southwell in the collections of the British Museum (Natural History) and the Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, are redescribed and re-illustrated. New synonymies and synonymies confirmed by examination of types are: Shirleyrhynchus aetobatidis (Shipley & Hornell, 1906) n. comb. (syn. S. butleri Beveridge & Campbell, 1988); Paranybelinia balli (Southwell, 1929) n. comb. (syn. Otobothrium balli Southwell, 1929); Calliterarhynchus gracilis (Rudolphi, 1819) (syn. Tetrarhynchus ceylonicus Southwell, 1929, Tentacularia macfiei Southwell, 1929); Poecilancistrium caryophyllum (Diesing, 1850) (syn. Tetrarhynchus gangeticus Shipley & Hornell, 1906); Mecistobothrium johnstonei (Southwell, 1929) n. comb. (syn. Tentacularia johnstonei Southwell, 1929); Trygonicola macroporus (Shipley & Hornell, 1906) n. comb., n. g. (syn. Tetrarhynchus macroporus Shipley & Hornell, 1906); Grillotia matheri (Southwell, 1929) n. comb. (syn. Tetrarhynchus matheri Southwell, 1929); Dasyrhynchus pillersi (Southwell, 1929) (syn. Tentacularia pillersi Southwell, 1929); Grillotia shipleyi (Southwell, 1929) n. comb. (syn. Tetrarhynchus shipleyi Southwell, 1929, Tetrarhynchus sp. (? matheri) of Southwell, 1929 and Grillotia overstreeti Sakanari, 1989); and Bombycirhynchus sphyraenaicum Pintner, 1931 (syn. Tetrarhynchus sp. of Shipley & Hornell, 1906, Patellobothrium quinquecatinatum Beveridge & Campbell, 1989).