Climatic Change

, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp 473–483

Climatic Warming in the Spanish Mediterranean: Natural Trend or Urban Effect


  • J. Quereda Sala
    • `Jaume I' University Weather Station, Ctra. Borriol s/n
  • A. Gil Olcina
    • Alicante University
  • A. Perez Cuevas
    • Valencia University
  • J. Olcina Cantos
    • Alicante University
  • A. Rico Amoros
    • Alicante University
  • E. Montón Chiva
    • `Jaume I' University Weather Station, Ctra. Borriol s/n

DOI: 10.1023/A:1005688608044

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Quereda Sala, J., Gil Olcina, A., Perez Cuevas, A. et al. Climatic Change (2000) 46: 473. doi:10.1023/A:1005688608044


The evolution of the mean annual temperatures recordedin the major historical network of SpanishMediterranean observatories(36°N–45°/60°W–4°E)exhibits a significant warming trend. Analysis of thetrend is difficult and could be biased by non-climaticprocesses such as the urban effect and weather stationrelocation, which also need to be taken intoaccount.The present work examines the effects of non-climaticprocesses and shows that most of the temperature risecould be due to an urban effect. On correcting for theurban effect, the actual rise was found to be zero ornegligible. The assumption of temperature stability inthe Spanish Mediterranean should thereforenot be rejected.

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