, Volume 26, Issue 11, pp 2487-2496

Attraction of Female Bactrocera papayae to Sex Pheromone Components with Two Different Release Devices

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We determined female attraction to coniferyl alcohol (CF) and 2–allyl-4,5–dimethoxyphenol (DMP) dispensed individually and in combinations from a syringe driver (SD) or a rubber septum (RS), at different concentrations and in combination at different ratios. While female attraction to both compounds varied at different concentrations, females were more attracted to CF than to DMP. Combination of both compounds showed that DMP enhanced the attractiveness of CF only when CF was at suboptimal concentrations. Both compounds attracted most females at a release rate of 0.5 μg/15 min. In addition, decreasing light intensity showed an interaction with the concentration of the compound used by enhancing the attractiveness of DMP and CF to females. Results also demonstrated that SD, being a controlled release device, was more satisfactory for dispensing CF and DMP.