, Volume 114, Issue 3-4, pp 423-438

The Removal of Dye Colours from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption on Low-cost Materials

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The ability of five low cost adsorbents – rice husk, cotton, bark, hair and coal – to adsorb two basic dyes, namely, Safranine and Methylene Blue, has been studied. Equilibrium isotherms have been determined and analysed using the Langmuir equations. The monolayer saturation capacities for Safranine are 1119, 838, 875, 190 and 120 mg g-1adsorbent and for Methylene Blue are 914, 312, 277, 158 and 250 mg g-1adsorbent for bark, rice husk, cotton waste, hair and coal respectively. A limited number of fixed bed column studies have been performed and the bed depth service time for each dye-adsorbent system has been determined.