, Volume 84, Issue 3-4, pp 327-471

Meteor Phenomena and Bodies

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Meteoroids can be observed at collision with the Earth's atmosphere as meteors. Different methods of observing meteors are presented: besides the traditional counts of individual events, exact methods yield also data on the geometry of the atmospheric trajectory; on the dynamics and ablation of the body in the atmosphere; on radiation; on the spectral distribution of radiation; on ionization; on accompanying sounds; and also data on orbits. Theoretical models of meteoroid interaction with the atmosphere are given and applied to observational data. Attention is paid to radar observations; to spectroscopic observations; to experiments with artificial meteors and to different types of meteor sounds. The proposed composition and structure of meteoroids as well as their orbits link them to meteorites, asteroids and comets. Meteor streams can be observed as meteor showers and storms. The rate of influx of meteoroids of different sizes onto Earth is presented and potential hazards discussed.