, Volume 102, Issue 3-4, pp 641-700

Let's Baxterise

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We recall the concept of Baxterisation of an R-matrix, or of a monodromy matrix, which corresponds to build, from one point in the R-matrix parameter space, the algebraic variety where the spectral parameter(s) live. We show that the Baxterisation, which amounts to studying the iteration of a birational transformation, is a “win–win” strategy: it enables to discard efficiently the non-integrable situations, focusing directly on the two interesting cases where the algebraic varieties are of the so-called “general type” (finite order iteration) or are Abelian varieties (infinite order iteration). We emphasize the heuristic example of the sixteen vertex model and provide a complete description of the finite order iterations situations for the Baxter model. We show that the Baxterisation procedure can be introduced in much larger frameworks where the existence of some underlying Yang–Baxter structure is not used: we Baxterise L-operators, local quantum Lax matrices, and quantum Hamiltonians.