, Volume 107, Issue 1-3, pp 65-72

Retrolyc1-1, a member of the Tntl retrotransposon super-family in the Lycopersicon peruvianum genome

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Retrotransposons are ubiquitous mobile genetic elements that transpose through an RNA intermediate. One of the best known plant retrotransposon, Tnt1, was isolated from tobacco and showed an extensive distribution in the Nicotiana genus. We investigated the presence of related sequences in the Lycopersicon genus, another member of the Solanaceae family. Hybridization experiments performed using Tnt1 probes indicated that homologous sequences were present in all Lycopersicon species, indicating that these Tnt1-related sequences, that we named Retrolyc1, are distributed throughout the Lycopersicon genus. Different distribution patterns were detected between species, demonstrating a potential use of Retrolyc1 elements as molecular markers. An incomplete Retrolyc1 sequence, that we named Retrolyc1-1, was isolated from an L. peruvianum genomic library. Retrolyc1-1 shows extensive homology with Tnt1 sequences except in the LTR U3 region. Since this region is known to be involved in the control of transcription, this strongly suggests the existence of different patterns of regulation for Tnt1 and Retrolyc1 elements. The study of these two elements within the Solanaceae family may provide interesting models for retrotransposon evolution within this group and transmission in host genomes.

This revised version was published online in July 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.