, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 615-644

On Mad and Comedians

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A popular robust measure of dispersion of a random variable (rv) X is the median absolute deviation from the median med(|X - med(X)|), MAD for short, which is based on the median med(X) of X. By choosing Y = X, the MAD turns out to be a special case of the comedian med((X - med(X))(Y - med(Y))), which is a robust measure of covariance between rvs X and Y. We investigate the comedian in detail, in particular in the normal case, and establish strong consistency and asymptotic normality of empirical counterparts. This leads to a robust competitor of the coefficient of correlation as an asymptotic level-α-statistic for testing independence of X and Y. An example shows the weird fact that knowledge of the population med(X) does not necessarily pay (in the sense of asymptotic relative efficiency) when estimating the MAD.