, Volume 359, Issue 1-3, pp 23-28

Community structure of branchiopods (Anostraca, Notostraca and Conchostraca) in the Banat province in Yugoslavia

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A survey of large branchiopods in the Banat provincein Yugoslavia revealed a particularly diverse fauna in the vicinity of the village Melenci, 100 km north of Belgrade. The temporary ponds here include 10 species of branchiopods, 5 anostracans, 2 notostracans and 3conchostracans (all belonging to the Spinicaudata group). This diversity represents 53% of the species known in Yugoslavia. Community structure, spatial distribution and seasonal dynamics of the species were analyzed over the period 1991–1995. More than one species was found in about 67% of ponds. The maximum number of coexisting species was 7.Anostracans were the most common as a group, while the notostracan Triops cancriformis and the conchostracan Leptestheria saetosa were the most frequent species. A high frequency of coexistence was established. Regarding community structure, two significantly different periods during the season were distinguished: the first, from the end of February to mid-April, and the second, from mid-April to the end of July. This extensive pool longevity may underlie the high diversity in this region.

This revised version was published online in August 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.