, Volume 357, Issue 1, pp 165–171

The nutrient content and the release of nutrients from fish food and faeces


  • Golam Kibria
    • Department of Environmental ManagementVictoria University of Technology
  • Dayanthi Nugegoda
    • Department of Environmental ManagementVictoria University of Technology
  • Robert Fairclough
    • Department of Food TechnologyVictoria University of Technology
  • Paul Lam
    • Chemistry and Biology DepartmentCity University of Hong Kong

DOI: 10.1023/A:1003147122847

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Kibria, G., Nugegoda, D., Fairclough, R. et al. Hydrobiologia (1997) 357: 165. doi:10.1023/A:1003147122847


The fish food and faeces were fractioned into the differentcomponents of phosphorus and nitrogen. There was a rapid release ofphosphorus from the fish food and faeces and a decrease thereafterwhereas ammonium release was slow at first with the rate increasingwith time. Both temperature and pH affected the release of nutrientsfrom fish food and faeces. The release of phosphorus and nitrogen washigher at higher temperatures. The maximum release of phosphorus wasat pH 4.0 whereas nitrogen release was maximum at neutral (7.0) toalkaline (10.0) media.

fish foodfaecesnutrientnitrogenphosphorus
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