, Volume 350, Issue 1-3, pp 35-47

Sarsicopia polaris gen. et sp.n., the first platycopioida (Copepoda: Crustacea) from the Arctic Ocean, and its phylogenetic significance

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A new genus of Platycopioida is described from a boxcore sample taken at a depth of 534 m in the ArcticBarents Sea. This is the deepest record ofPlatycopioida so far. Sarsicopia gen. n. is thesistergroup of a taxon comprising Platycopia and Nanocopia; the sistergroup ofthese is Antrisocopia. Sarsicopia gen. n.is the only platycopioid to retain 2 inner setae onthe second endopod segment P2–P4, and 8 setae in thethird endopod segment of P2. The male antennnule isremarkable in having a geniculation located betweenancestral segments XX and XXI. It is suggested thatthis flexure zone was already present in thegroundpattern of Copepoda. Platycopia and Nanocopia have secondarily lost thisgeniculation.