, Volume 263, Issue 1-4, pp 307-310

Astrometry and Photometry of Open Clusters: NGC 1746, NGC 1750 and NGC 1758

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We present an astrometric and photometric analysis of a 5 square degree region around NGC 1746, NGC 1750 and NGC 1758, close to the Galactic anti-center (l = 179°, b = -10°), in Taurus. We describe the acquisition, reduction and analysis of the observational data, including the development of innovative data analysis tools. The data comprise CCD UBVRI photometry, photographic BVR photometry and proper motions.

The clusters NGC 1750 and 1758 are poor and loose. We determine several physical parameters (distance, age, colour excess, positions, density profiles). The mutual separation, their relative velocity and their age difference allows us to conclude that these two clusters are physically independent. No real object in the area can be identified as NGC 1746.