, Volume 19, Issue 12, pp 1821-1831

A linear ion trap mass spectrometer with versatile control and data acquisition for ion/ion reactions


A linear ion trap (LIT) with electrospray ionization (ESI) for top-down protein analysis has been constructed. An independent atmospheric sampling glow discharge ionization (ASGDI) source produces reagent ions for ion/ion reactions. The device is also meant to enable a wide variety of ion/ion reaction studies. To reduce the instrument’s complexity and make it available for wide dissemination, only a few simple electronics components were custom built. The instrument functions as both a reaction vessel for gas-phase ion/ion reactions and a mass spectrometer using mass-selective axial ejection. Initial results demonstrate trapping efficiency of 70% to 90% and the ability to perform proton transfer reactions on intact protein ions, including dual polarity storage reactions, transmission mode reactions, and ion parking.

Published online September 6, 2008