Separation of sodiated isobaric disaccharides and trisaccharides using electrospray ionization-atmospheric pressure ion mobility-time of flight mass spectrometry


A series of isobaric disaccharide-alditols, four derived from O-linked glycoproteins, and select trisaccharides were rapidly resolved using tandem high resolution atmospheric pressure ion-mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Electrospray ionization was used to create the gas-phase sodium adducts of each carbohydrate. Using this technique it was possible to separate up to three isobaric disaccharide alditols and three trisaccharides in the gas phase. Reduced mobility values and experimentally determined ion-neutral cross sections are reported for each sodium-carbohydrate complex. These studies demonstrated that ion mobility separations at atmospheric pressure can provide a high-resolution dimension for analysis of carbohydrate ions that is complementary to traditional mass spectral (m/z) ion analysis. Combining these independent principles for separation of ions provides a powerful new bioanalytical tool for the identification of isomeric carbohydrates.

Published online March 10, 2005