, Volume 14, Issue 12, pp 1488-1492

Differentiation of isomeric C8-substituted alkylaniline adducts of guanine by electrospray ionization and tandem quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry


Product ion spectra from thirteen C8-substituted alkylaniline adducts of guanine and deoxyguanosine were generated using electrospray ionization and quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry and studied to investigate the possibility of differentiating isomeric adduct structures based upon the relative abundances of fragment ions derived from the alkylaniline-modified guanine bases (BH 2 + ions). The structural discrimination of the BH 2 + ions formed by attachment of isomeric alkylanilines to the C8 position of guanine is a challenging problem because the ions tend to yield product ion spectra that are qualitatively identical upon collisional activation. In this study, a statistical method, referred to as a similarity index, was used to compare the product ion spectra of isomeric BH 2 + ions and differentiate their structures. All the adducts investigated could be distinguished from SIs calculated using 5–6 product ions. These results suggest that a searchable database of product ion spectra may be created and used to characterize DNA adducts from aromatic amines whenever they are detected at levels amenable to mass spectral analysis.

Published online October 22, 2003