, Volume 10, Issue 9, pp 810-814

Preparation and photoelectron spectrum of the CH3I anion: Rare gas cluster mediated synthesis of an ion-radical complex

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We report the preparation of the bare and argon-solvated anion of CH3I, and characterize this species using negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy at 3.495 eV. The photoelectron spectrum consists of a narrow band appearing 0.11±0.02 eV above the binding energy of isolated iodide. Such behavior is similar to that displayed by iodide-(closed shell) solvent molecule complexes, indicating that photodetachment does not access the bound region of the CH3I potential. These observations suggest that CH3I rearranges (after electron capture) to an ion-radical complex. We advance the hypothesis that this complex adopts a C2v structure where the ion is hydrogen bonded to the methyl radical.

These authors contributed equally to this work.
Dedicated to the memory of Robert Squires.