Date: 03 Apr 2013

Psychometric properties of the Drive for Muscularity Scale in Mexican males

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This study refers to the evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Drive for Muscularity Scale among Mexican population. The exploratory factor analysis was carried out with 369 university males (mean age = 20.93 years). A three-factor structure that explains 45.64 % of the variance was found for the scale: 31.10 % by attitudes (α = 0.87), 10.70 % by substance intake (α = 0.72) and 3.84 % by training adherence (α = 0.68). Only the two first sub-scales and total score (α = 0.86) offered acceptable levels of internal consistence. The confirmatory factor analysis, carried out with 200 males (mean age = 20.79 years), verified both the suitability of this factor structure and the two-factor structure proposed by McCreary et al. (Psychol Men Masc 5:49–58, 1). Drive for muscularity is important in comprehending male body image and Drive for Muscularity Scale has demonstrated to be psychometrically suitable to assess this construct in Mexican males.