, Volume 1488, Issue 1, p 11
Date: 15 Feb 2014

Candida antigen

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An 8-year-old girl developed vitiligo while receiving Candida antigen. The girl had a history of lichen sclerosus and vitiligo limited to the vulvar region. She presented with numerous periungual verrucae on both hands. One verruca was treated with an injection of Candida antigen 0.2mL. Six weeks later, she presented with a newly depigmented macule at the injection site. Candida antigen was discontinued due to Candida antigen-induced vitiligo. At follow-up, the macular depigmentation remained.

Author comment: "Treatment with Candida antigen was discontinued because of family concern regarding the depigmentation, which represented Candida antigen-induced vitiligo."