, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 321-323
Date: 05 Jul 2012

Does cord clamp affect the proper positioning of breastfeeding?

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To determine the appropriateness of breastfeeding position as assessed by 4-point standard objective criteria in the presence of commercial plastic cord clamp. 50 babies each with and without cord clamp were selected randomly in post natal ward. Mean gestational age in both the periods was comparable (39±1.13 and 39±1.34 weeks). On evaluation by the standard 4 points of proper positioning, babies with cord clamp failed to keep their head and body straight (66% vs 94%, P=0.001), keep their baby’s body touching mothers abdomen (16% vs 94% P=0.000), and body well supported (72% vs 96%, P=0.002). However, both groups were appropriately able to turn baby’s body towards mother and nose opposite the nipple (98% vs 88%, P=0.112). On evaluation of mother’s satisfaction score, there was no significant difference except in the mother’s concern about care of cord clamp (P<0.001).