, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 104-105
Date: 12 Jan 2011

Whales Might Also Be an Important Component in Patagonian Fjord Ecosystems: Comment to Iriarte et al.

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Comment to: Iriarte J.L., H.E. González, and L. Nahuelhual. 2010. Patagonian fjord ecosystems in Southern Chile as a highly, vulnerable region: problems and needs. AMBIO 39(7): 463–466.

Iriarte et al. (2010) provide an insightful report on fjord ecosystem functioning in southern Chile, highlighting its status as a global conservation priority and also a relevant site that provides important ecosystem services to humans. Among the latter, this area is considered a major CO2 sink region due to enhanced seasonal primary productivity. They also address relevant issues that could affect ecosystem integrity, and thus its functionality in the long run, such as the excessive nutrient input from the salmon farming industry and the effects of local and remote processes (including global change) on precipitation regimes and river discharges. These issues, among others, could have profound undesirable effects such as: increase of harmful algal bloom episodes, a shift in phytoplankton composition, a ...

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The online version of the article commented upon can be found at doi: 10.1007/s13280-010-0049-9