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, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 651-653

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mPed: a computer program for converting pedigree data to a format used by the PMx-software for conservation genetic analysis

  • Mija JanssonAffiliated withDivision of Population Genetics, Department of Zoology, Stockholm University Email author 
  • , Ingvar StåhlAffiliated withIngvar Ståhl IT
  • , Linda LaikreAffiliated withDivision of Population Genetics, Department of Zoology, Stockholm University


There is a growing need for conservation genetic management of animal populations when individual relatedness data (pedigrees) are available. Such data can be used to monitor rates of inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity. Traditionally, pedigree analysis for conservation management has focused on zoo populations of threatened wild animals; available software has been developed in that context. Population Management x (PMx) is a free software for estimating genetic parameters including inbreeding, kinship, founder allele contribution and survival. PMx is an accessory program to the zoo studbook platform Single Population Analysis and Records Keeping System (SPARKS) and is not easily applied outside this platform, but such use is of interest for various domestic breeds or wild populations. We developed a converter program (mPed) for making pedigrees of any studbook format fitting the input requirements of PMx. mPed can be downloaded free at www.​popgen.​su.​se/​mped.​php.


PMx Pedigree analysis Conservation genetic management Inbreeding Genetic variation Founder statistics